Digital Analytics And Conversion Professional, Omcp Prepatory

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In this program, you’ll gain the skills you need to enter the field of web analytics

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p p br / At the completion of the program, you will have the skills needed to test multiple landing pages in order to evaluate the effect on the amount of time that visitors remain on your website and the number of visitors that convert into customers

p p br / Reputably trained and certified online marketing professionals are in high demand in the job market, and the need for experts in web analytics and landing page conversion is expanding rapidly

p p br / When you register you receive an initial ten 10 months to complete this program. br / /p

Create and/or develop your own online business, become a web analytics consultant, or work in the web analytics department of a corporation

For those already working in the field, this program will provide you with the formal education and certification you may need in order to further your career

In addition, you rsquo ll qualify for membership in the Online Marketing Certified Professional OMCP reg

This professional association is currently at the forefront of establishing online marketing industry standards for training and continuing professional development

You rsquo ll also learn how to measure the impact of social media using web analytics techniques

You rsquo ll discover the various types of data available, which are important in collecting techniques for analysis. nbsp You will gain depth and understanding of Key Performance Indicators KPI rsquo s , Segmentation, and Reporting Methods