Blackbox Vx-Hdmi-Tp-100M, Xr Hdmi & Ir Extender

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XR HDMI & IR Extender

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NOTE Distance depends on the characteristics and quality of the cable and the type of HDMI source and display.

Because it supports HDCP communications, you can also extend content from a Blu-ray player or other protected-content source

By using just one CATx run to reach a remote screen, you can get away with using a single, existing Ethernet cabling drop for multimedia distribution

Control source devices at the screen

Designed for emerging HDMI technology

Extending over a single CAT5e/6 cable, the transmitter-receiver combo makes it easy to send digital 1080p-quality video and audio plus IR remote control signals up to 328 feet 100 m

Extends uncompressed HD video, audio, and control signals up to 328 feet 100 m

For high-quality sound, the XR HDMI and IR Extender transmits uncompressed LPCM signals as well as compressed audio, such as DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio, as part of the HDMI signal

Further Details Enables flexible screen location without compromising video quality

HDBaseT based for greater video capacity and 3D support

HDCP compliant and Blu-ray ready

IR commands received in the vicinity of the display extend back to the source device

Includes transmitter, receiver, IR emitter, and IR receiver

It also supports the resolutions of cuRent and emerging video display devices, such as the latest 3D screens and future HD formats

It supports 340 MHz/3.4 Gbps of HDMI video bandwidth per channel and 10.2 Gbps on all channels

It works with the latest source devices, too

No software or driver installation required

Provides 10.2 Gbps of HDMI video bandwidth on all channels

Put a digital sign where you want it and control AV source equipment at the screen with the XR HDMI and IR Extender

Reach digital signage or monitors without adding-and having to maintain-a jumble of cables and wiring behind the screen

Reduced cabling requirements

Supports 1080p video at 60 Hz and 48-bit pixel rates

Supports IR extension with CEC passthrough

The XR HDMI and IR Extender transmits uncompressed full HD digital video and audio plus data control signals-all over a single copper cable

The extender is ideal for applications requiring greater distance for high-quality video resolutions on HDTV displays or projectors

The extender supports CEC passthrough and source device control via a built-in IR extender function an IR emitter and IR receiver are included

This product includes Transmitter Receiver 2 power supplies IR emitter IR receiver 4 Wallmount brackets with 8 screws User manual Quick Facts Uses a single CAT5e/6 run, reducing cable clutter and simplifying HDMI signage deployment

This way, a receptionist stationed near a screen, for instance, can use an HDTV's remote controller to change settings on a source device in another room

Use it to extend HDMI from a newer consumer electronics device that provides uncompressed-only output

Wallmountable for space-saving installation

What's more, the XR HDMI and IR Extender uses HDBaseT based technology, so it has the capacity to extend both HDMI and control signals

XR The quot eXtended Range quot HDMI video distribution solution for lower cabling costs and enhanced control

You also get simplified control