Powermatic Pm1250 Micro Dust Air Filtration System

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If you'd like to minimize the airborne dust in your shop, turn to the incredibly quiet and efficient PM1250 Air Filtration System

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Features Electrostatic technology filters particulate matter in the air down to 0.1 micronFilter is specially designed to be easily vacuumed out, extending the filter life and lowering operating costsCycles air 5 times per hour in a 680 square foot area oversized 2 car garage/shop Freestanding and portable mdash top-mounted handle allows easier carryingQuieter than normal conversation at 50.8 dB on high speed settingAs quiet as a library at 41.3 dB on low speed settingOver 3000-hour filter life mdash filter is easily accessible for cleaning and easily replaced when needed 69905, sold separately Blades are specially engineered

If you like, it can also be mounted to the wall or ceiling

It cycles the air in a 680 square foot space mdash the equivalent of an oversized 2-car garage mdash up to five times in a single hour

The PM1250 employs an electrostatic filter that attracts and removes particles as small as 0.1 micron in size

The angle is adjustable using the knobs on the side of the unit

Unlike most other air filtration systems, the PM1250 is portable and freestanding, meaning you can carry it to wherever filtration is most needed, then simply set it on the floor or the bench

When set at the lowest setting, the system is about as quiet as a library, and when on high, it's quieter than normal conversation