Intel Raid Expander Res2Cv Family - Serial Ata/600 - Plug-In Module - 6 Total Sas Port(S) - 6 Sas Port(S) Internal

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Low Cost, High PerformanceThe Intel® RAID Expander RES2CV360 and RES2CV240, powered by an LSISAS2x36/24 36- or 24-port SAS-2 expander, enable the connection of up to 32 or 20 directly attached SAS or Serial ATA (SATA) devices, and provide table routing to support connections for up to 1024 SAS addresses

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Each expander is individually configurable and performs SAS and SATA transfers based on the speed of the host or target at either 6.0Gb/s, 3.0Gb/s, or 1.5Gb/s

The RES2CV360 and RES2CV240 have support management functions such as discovery and enclosure management, and can be cascaded to accommodate as many drives as the associated SAS/RAID card allows. /p